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Products that are simple to use and get the job done quickly.

Leveraging the best of mobile and social media to reach people.

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Responsive design that's all about a great experience.

Eye catching designs keep our products on the top notch.

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Northern Maple

Lately I'm spending a lot of time making youtube videos. Swing on by and check it out!

Experience the Outdoors

A relaxed connection to the world works itself into all we do.

A Little About 217

I'm lucky to live nestled against the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, Canada. I keep myself busy by living the outdoor lifestyle, enjoying life and making great apps. Plus, I think a good dark roast coffee is a great addition to the day. It keeps me going on those days when I need a little push to the edge. Sometimes I'll shake things up with a good cup of tea though.

We all know that change is constant and everything changed with the rise of mobile and social media.

My mobile first strategy ensures apps will perform well on devices of all sizes.

I love the newest tech as much as anybody however I'm creating solutions for people. Simple and easy to use apps will be quicker and get used more often, with or without the latest tech.

My creative solutions leverage the best of mobile and social media to get your work done and get you back to enjoying your life.

Crafted in British Columbia, Canada

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We can make beautiful stuff together.

Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada

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